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Frequently Asked Questions

For Room Availability or Reservations: Please call 800-870-1772 or 305-852-9915 or use our online reservations system.

Does Lookout Lodge have a pool?
Sorry, we do not have a pool, swimming is available in a designated swim area in Florida Bay. We also have a Community Olympic heated pool at Founders Park less then a mile from the Resort.

Where is the beach?
The Keys are made of fossil coral rock, and are protected  by the reefs offshore.  Beaches are few & far between. Lookout Lodge has a raised sandy sunning beach with stairs going into the water.We recommend water shoes at all beach areas. The nearest public ocean beach is Anne's Beach at mile marker 73. There is also a sandy beach at Founders Park on the Bayside.

Can you fish at Lookout Lodge?
NO FISHING, LOBSTERING OR COLLECTING  IS ALLOWED ON PREMISES OR IN THE LAGOON  in order to preserve the wildlife for all the guests to enjoy. There is a variety of professional fishing charter boats & guides nearby as well as bridge fishing further down the road.  We will be happy to direct you to the type of fishing you are looking for.   Note: A Saltwater Fishing License is required unless fishing from a licensed commercial sport fishing boat or a bridge.

Do you have dockage?
Yes,  we can accommodate up to a 30' boat. Boat dockage is limited to Suites or Waterfront units. There are a very limited number of spaces. Boating rules apply to all guests. Some guests have  anchored just off of our swimming area, but we  do not recommend this. We do not have a ramp. Look for this logo on the Rooms and Rates page:  (NOTE: fees apply)

Are non-smoking rooms offered?
Yes, ALL rooms are non-smoking

Do you have a guest laundry?
Yes, a guest only washer and dryer are available for a nominal charge. 

What are the dates and rules for the Sport and Regular Lobster Season?
Sport Season is the last Wednesday & Thursday of July.  Night diving for lobsters is not permitted during the Two Day Sport Season in State Waters of  the Florida Keys. The Sport Season bag limit in the Keys is 6 per person per day, 12 in possession per person when transporting catch by car on the 2nd day.  The Regular Season opens Aug 6th and ends midnight March 31. Size Limit: the carapace must measure more than 3" and lobsters must be transported in whole condition on the water. A Florida Saltwater Fishing License with a current Crawfish Endorsement is required during both seasons.  Lobsters must be measured in the water and egg-bearing females must be released unharmed.  For complete regulations contact the Florida Marine Patrol at (800) ASK-FISH. Information brochures are available at most Marinas, Dive Centers, Park, Sanctuary, & government offices, as well as roadside stands during & before the Sport Season.

Important Note: Lobstering is not permitted in Sanctuary Preservation Areas or The Everglades National Park; be sure to obtain charts & information on where these areas are! Lobstering is not permitted in our basin here at Lookout Lodge, It is designated a "NO TAKE ZONE"

Also please be aware that Islamorada, Village of Islands, is enforcing a"no Diving or Snorkeling" for all of Islamorada waters during Lobster Mini-Season within 300 feet of shore, including waterways and basins. Please be aware of this and check with the desk for more information.

Do you allow pets?
Yes, for the pleasure of all of our guests, we limit the number of pets to a maximum of 3 (three) on the property at any time. The maximum in any accommodation is 2 (two) pets. Owners must control their pets, and must be on a leash. Walk them (off of the property) and not disturb the relaxing island atmosphere. Not all rooms are pet friendly, please contact us for availability (NOTE: fees apply)

May I party on the beach?
Yes...and no. Lookout Lodge is a quiet relaxing place, we encourage you to enjoy yourselves, but please have respect for other guests. Loud noise or music after 10 p.m. and before 9 a.m. is not acceptable!

What about parking?
Parking is limited!  You will receive a parking pass upon arrival. To ensure that all of our guests have adequate parking, we limit the number of Automobiles  to "2" for 2 bedroom suites and "1" for all other suites and studios.  Trailer parking may be available on the property, however, you may be required to park trailers off site.

Are you Environmentally Friendly?
YES!  Lookout Lodge Resort has been awarded a "Clean Marina Certification" AND "Green Lodging Certification" from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection 

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